"Get Shot by a Pro"

Landscape and IR

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Landscape and IR (Woods Effect) shot in Como Park, Erie County, New York.

A majority of these are done in IR (Woods Effect) photography. The landscape shots are for you to see the difference an “out world” Effect IR creates.

IR Photography was discovered by Robert W. Woods in around 1910 for use in film photography. It is Possible to re-create his discovery with the use of external filters attached to a lens, or send your camera out to have a IR canceling filter removed with in the body of the camera on the new style digital cameras we now enjoy.

The most important factors I have discovered is that high amount of Sun, no wind days and time are the biggest and best factors in capturing the effect. Cloudy days make for poor images as does windy days also. Time can be your friend in this process. The style is done exactly the same as a night time laps photography, just done in broad daylight. The basic equipment I use is a sturdy tripod, digital SLR, and proper filters (I rotate between a Cokin filter system or screw on lens filters. I have both types.). Extras to carry would be as always back up batteries and a remote shutter switch.

These are the basic principles I use for this style of Photography. I hope that I have opened your eyes to an “Off World” place that i enjoy visiting when ever conditions allow. This is what WNY Hitman does for fun. As always Copies are available if One or two Interest you. Contact me for arrangements for use agreement and cost. Finally, leave a comment if these move you.


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