"Get Shot by a Pro"

Photos for Purchase

Art Prints

Sample shot of what is available.

This past year I have had inquiries on purchasing sellected prints from my Facebook page. With an over whelming demand for these images, I have created an account in partnership with Fine Art America. Local purchases can be done also via comment on this page if you do not want to use Fine Art America site. You can tell me your selction and I can deliver them localy.  The images are popular request from Facebook sales.

I am offering these selected images for sale through Fine Art America. They offer the complete package of photo prints, matting and Framing. Delivered to your home or office. You can order from the comfort of your own  home, to purchase these great images. You can follow the link above to see what is available and watch for new additions to the colletion. Follow the link and start seeing for yourself the quality of this collection.  Fine Art America

Other images also can be purchased via email or use of the comment at the bottom of the page.

To those of you that have purchase reprints… I thank you very much.

To future buyers…Thank you in advanced.


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