"Get Shot by a Pro"

Prayers for Patty

WNY Hitman Photography has been selected by the Prayers for Patty Benefit committee, to be the Photographer for this Event! I am humbled at this Honorable Distinction. These Photos from the event will be private and turned over to the family. Therefor none will appear on http://www.wnyhitman.com.

Prayers For Patty

Prayers for Patty is a benefit June 3rd 2012 in honor for a local lady who is fighting multiple forms of Cancer. The types of Cancer are: Stage-4 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, along with some Brain Cancer and Liver Cancer. She is an amazing and Brave Lady. If you would like to attend the benefit contact me, I have tickets available. To learn more about Patty click on the link ( Prayers For Patty) and it will take you to a Facebook page that will tell you more!

To Patty, LIVE, LOVE and LAUGH!

You can now purchase tickets for the Prayers For Patty Benefit online by visiting either link (in Blue) at Breakaway Band Buffalo or Fat-Brat Classic Rock, selecting the number of tickets and clicking “Pay Now”. The tickets are $21 online ($1 goes to Paypal) and $20 at the door or from the numerous volunteers selling them around the area.


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