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Targets of Opportunity

Lately my wife and I have been visiting local points of interest (Crossing things off my bucket list). She has made the plans to visit Akron Falls Park, Whirlpool State Park, Olcott Beach and yesterday Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse & Museum (which was not on my bucket list). A great visit with dulcet telling the rich history and importance of the existence of this lighthouse.

How we ended up here was her doing. Thank God she is much wiser than I. Last week as we trekked to Olcott beach we first visited a winery, MARJIM Manor. We enjoyed the tasting of the products that they made. With this visit we learned more of the haunted history of the residence and a peculiar importance and infinity to the time Three O‘clock. From there we traveled to Olcott Beach and saw the Lighthouse as big as day. It stood out by its strategic location to the road. You could not help but see it. The quaint seasonal cottage gift shops and friendly locals. Think a minor recreation of Crystal Beach, Canada local shops. Even more confined and smaller. Yet brought back these memories to a time when travel across the boarder was simple during a simpler time. We strolled with camera in hand and great awe of the view of the Lake Ontario.

From here we back tracked to a park along the lake, till we unpacked at a bench located near the ledge of the park and lake. We sat at this overlook, enjoyed Corona’s with limes and dined on appetizers of cheese’s, various types of small salami’s and Baggett sliced slim. We sat so close, talked and consumed our repast with watchful eye on the lake and local water avian wildlife. I had mentioned maybe next week we should head to Wilson to see the lighthouse there. (This is where the set up to how we ended up at Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse.)

As usual my facts in my mind, stated out loud turn out to be wider right than Scott Norwood attempting a field goal at the end of Super Bowl Twenty Five. The sad thing is this visit to Wilson was also on my bucket list. You need to know, now I am not a fan of retracing the footsteps of what someone else did that my wife works with. However I am glad we did. On Wednesday I was Informed of my miss understanding of a lighthouse in Wilson. Turns out they have a restaurant called the lighthouse or something like that, no lighthouse! (Dam now this makes my wife’s case that I do not listen to her!) Now what are we going to do on Saturday , is rushing through my head. This one statement has me wondering what else have I not got right in my mind AND that she has been right along about me not listening to her. She tells me of a Lighthouse someone at work had visited. (Not going to do it flag goes off immediately in my head) It is called the Charlotte- Something. ( As the sound of her voice is being to fade, with eyes glazed and thoughts of suicide, there is no way in hell we are driving to Charlotte, NC and back on a Saturday I am thinking.) Reality sits back in, her voice clearer and now my attention is locked on to her every word. Oh it is just north of Rochester, that could be do able. Now thank god I am listening here at this point. See tells me and I hear, “we can go in it and climb the stairs“. COOL!

The Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse is a beautiful Structure and built in 1822. It is America’s oldest surviving Lighthouse on Lake Ontario. The Lighthouse is on the Great Lakes Seaway Trail, It is place on a bluff overlooking the Genesee River now. However when originally erected the forty foot tower over looked the lake and rivers mouth. (A FYI Point: The Genesee River is one of the few rivers in North America that flows north.) Part of the lake filled in with slag and silt this action extended the Genesee River north as it is now seen. Where a second Light house was erected approximately a quarter mile north from this location and rendering the original obsolete. It is now in the capable hands of The Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse Historical Society. The renovations to the light keepers house are under way and on a good track to restore it to its past glory. The renovations to the light keepers house in no way interfere with the operation of the museum or tours with in it.

After our Two hour tour of the grounds, light keepers house/museum and Lighthouse, we took off to Hamlin Beach for more “special time” together. My thoughtful wife packed an engaging picnic fare for us to consume and imbibe (Yes, Coronas and more limes). We picked an unblocked view of Lake Ontario again. We unloaded at a picnic bench and sat down together and enjoyed each others company. My wife packs a mean picnic for two and she has been really helpful in my photography pursuit. I can not thank her enough for her choices in locations to visit and capture, and tolerance when I go out to snap away. Not to be forgotten, the time and thought she puts in for the picnics. The Locations are great but the cuisine??? OUTSTANDING, Five Star! I suggest You visit as many locations near you. You just don’t know what you will find and learn about your area. More importantly about yourself and the others in your life that make you feel special. To My Wife that get’s me, I also learned to stop thinking and start listening. Oh heavens what did I miss in the past.

For more Information on The Charlotte-Genesee Light House please visit there web page at.



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  1. Donna

    You should visit the Thirty Mile Point Lighthouse in the Golden Hill State Park near Somerset. Lots of photo opportunities too.


    September 22, 2014 at 11:01 AM

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