"Get Shot by a Pro"

Testimonial Dan Kaplin

"WNY Hitman Photograpy" "Get Shot by a Pro"

Dan Kaplin of Hit n Run

This man was (is) a WNY legend. His stuff is magical-any nature pics., The wedding stuff? had to play πŸ™‚ but every wedding shot I saw made me think…”maybe I should get married”and the ONLY persons to put that in my mind was Dan and Dawn!!! and I’m only sleeping with one of then…..(shut up Dan) πŸ™‚ Just wanted to say how honored and blessed I’ve been to work with such an artist. Dan has been nothing but welcoming when I got in the band and made me feel like a real stage musician and welcomed me and Dawn as friends and I will miss him immeasurably. There have been so many times that seeing him out there has made me concentrate so I didn’t suck in front of him (sweet madame blue). Thank you Dan from the bottom of my heart- you have helped me more than you know. Let’s get a pint. (I owe you)