"Get Shot by a Pro"

Testimonial David Terry




Light Show By Dave Terry of the Cove.

My name is David Terry,

I do production work in sound and lights for theatrical and live music events. I started my career doing lighting design for theatre. I have always tried to adapt what I learned from theatre into the live music scene.

Mr. Daniel Ruggiero is a local photographer, AKA. WNY Hitman Photography. He is one of the few, if not the only photographer I have seen that knows how to truly catch a shot using proper light and angles with no flash. The quality of the photos by using no flash and capturing the natural elements of the room not only give it a much more realistic shot, but the colors, and feel of the photo also jump right out at you. He really understands how to get a quality image using proper techniques and angles with no flash. Photoshop? He clearly does not need it. Dan has always been professional at what he does. My favorite thing about him, is credit is always giving to others that help make his magic happen. It has been a pleasure working with him and having him around. Not only do I enjoy sharing my time with him, but I also enjoy sharing his work on my walls to see every day.


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