"Get Shot by a Pro"

Testimonial Will Holton

Sax Player

Testimonial By Buffalo’s Own Will Holton;

First off thank you bro for always availing your services. You have such a talent behind the lens and a person of your spirit is so timeless. For over the past two years you have exposed me to not only Greater Buffalo and Niagara Regions, but to the worldwide audience as well with the www.buffalo.com vehicle.

As an independent musician/events coordinator much exposure is needed to be successful (as you may already know)and you have caught me in such a light “a professional light” that it has made me a “featured attraction” in Buffalo even the more.

There is no words that express total “thanks” my friend, but I hope you continue to do what you do and if there is a moment where life becomes sour or though… read this letter and know- ” That I’m so grateful to have a new friend and professional photographer in you”

Sincerely Will Holton