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Kind Words

This page is for Kind Words for WNY Event Photographer Daniel Ruggiero and WNY Hitman Photography.  To access Testimonials for WNY Hitman Photography choose from the drop down menu above or Click on the names listed directly below.
Also a link to my At-a-boys for Buffalo. com (a Buffalo News property)

Will Holton:  Jay “Taz” KuzaraMike Schill:      Phil Hudson:    Mark Valentino:     Al Hury:     Dan Kaplin:

Paulie Battaglia:   Mike Carroll:   Ken Wilczak:   Tom Gariano:   Dave Terry:    AT-A-BOYS

Kind Words

Dan- you totally captured the evening and the emotion. THANK YOU!
Dick Bauerle (Buffalo Music Hall of Fame) 4/7/2017

Dan is the man !!!!!
Thanks for capturing the memories of that night.

Loretta Girome Avery 4/7/2017

Thanks to you Daniel for some awesome photos!
Carolyn Neuman Moser 4/7/2017

This shot perfectly encapsulates the evening and the tribute to Cory.
Greg Hennessey (Buffalo Music Hall of Fame) 4/7/2017

Dan, you truly are an artist. You really captured that night!
Sal Marino 12/4/2016

Wow! Wow. Just. Wow.
Rick Johnston (Chicago Authority) 12/4/2016

Wow is right.
Tom Scime (Chicago Authority) 12/4/2016

Hi Dan, A heartfelt thank you for your hard work. Every time I looked at a spot in the theater I saw you. At one point I thought there were ten of you running around. I am so sorry we didn’t get some time to chat. It was great to shake hands with you. When you walked by in the dressing room I had a million things on my mind and was trying to put out several fires. I hope you don’t think I was being rude. Then again, I’m a rude dude to begin with.
Rick Johnston (Chicago Authority) 11/25/2016

Dan, we are thankful that you agreed to do this, with or without your walker.  Stunning photos. Can’t wait to see the album!
Rick Johnston (Chicago Authority) 11/24/2016

Dan is One of the Few Photographers that has been able to catch the perfect shots of me performing behind my huge drum set! He Has Nailed The Challenge Many Time Over! I personally have appreciated being able to watch Dan set up his shots for his “Chasing Light and Motion” Album…His keen sense of vision, by knowing his equipment in order to capture his shot with the right timing, has produced magnificent pictures! Brilliant
Al Hury 9/6/2015

Dan, thank you for being a friend and great artist.
Dave Terry 6/6/2015

One artist singing from his heart and soul. Another artist capturing that moment. Both are at the top of their game.
Sal Marino 5/29/15

Dan your photography and imagery never ceases to amaze me. Your presentation ideas are endless. Finally your integrity is unshatterable. I am forever grateful for all the wonderful photos you shared of my husband (Al Hury).
Sheryl Hury 5/25/15

On behalf of “ELI” I would like to extend our deep appreciation to our photographer, Dan Ruggiero, for his great work !
Phil Hudson (ELI, The Road)  3/1/14

Dan did an awesome job photographing our wedding. I love every single photo!  He takes great care to understand what you want and doesn’t fail to deliver. Would recommend him 100%
Dianna Bifulco 10/2/13

I love the originality of each photo.  No two wedding’s are the same.  Not standard photo’s.  You capture the heart of each couple.  Gorgeous shots!
Kerri Onan 10/1/13

Dan thanks so much these are amazing!!!
Kelly Tierney Wahl 9/29/13

These are awesome, thanks a lot man!
Aaron Pless 9/29/13

Very cool ! Love the black and white stuff your doing on Facebook…elegant, Good work buddy.
Ken Kolniak 9/19/13

Dan sure is a Professional.
Owen Byrne III 9/12/13

Wow, very nice.
Ron Bifulco 9/12/13

Great job on Fri Dan! You have a great eye and I am sure Ron and Dianne loved your talented work for taking wedding shots.
Mark Valentino 9/8/13

wow! Great shots!
Cindy Sleuth 7/29/13

Nice pics..you got a very good eye!
Keith Robistow 7/29/13

Kenny Stephans 7/14/13

Phenomenal Dan… I am loving this!
Gary Graziadei 7/14/13

I want to express my undying gratitude to my friends and teachers who have helped me express myself through my passion for photography.
Raquel Long 6/20/13

Only u, could make a weed look beautiful.
Erin Hegarty 5/21/13

All I can say is WOW!!! We are only through the first disc and we are speechless….! When I can speak…I will write more…amazing! THANK YOU!!
Donna Blazczak-Graham 11/11/12

Words can not express our sincere thanks to our three GREAT photographers!!! Ken Czworka Photos, Daniel J. Ruggiero and Revrend William Smyers! We are speechless.  You guys rock !!!!
Donna Blazczak-Graham 10/7/12

Danny… how do i thank you for your words used, very well said, not only the best photographer, i can see you must have studied english…. i love you…. thank you much my friend.
Paulie Battaglia (Eli) 10/2/12

Dan, once again you’ve outdone yourself. You’re the hardest working guy in show biz. Thanks for all the creativity and passion.
Mike Carroll (Eli) 9/30/12

Gretat shots, Daniel…Nice work!
Hudson Buffalo. 9/29/12

Dan, you are truly the best, all around. A true Pro. Im honored to know and work with you.
Tom Gariano  (ELI ) 9/29/12

Great pictures from Bella’s benefit. Awesome job!!!
Rob Ferenc (Alist Band) Sept 13th 2012

Tom Gariano (ELI) 9/12/12

Frank Scarfone Sept 12th 2012

awesome pics…makes me homesick!!!
Nancy Zito-Gudorf Sept 12th 2012

Barney Gallagher Sept 11th 2012

Hey Dan, we can’t thank you enough for all your help in getting ELI ‘off and running ! See you at ELI concert, Sept 28th at The Tralf !!
Phil Hudson, ELI 8/21/12

I believe the Hitman can shoot anything and it will turn out good.
Jay Panzarella 8/20/12

Dan… As usual… AMAZING work!!!
Wide Right 8/18/12

Great shot Daniel!!!!
Joe Hesse Sr. (The Road) 8/8/12

And Dan thanks for your fine photography. I almost look like a musician in your shots. LMAO
Ken Wilczak (Fat Brat Classic Rock) 7/29/12

Thanks to the staff at Hard Rock Cafe, especially to Carolyn Neuman Moser. It was a honor to share the stage with our old friend from The Road and Talas. Special Thanks to our photographer Daniel J. Ruggiero from D J Ruggiero Imaging (WNY Hitman Photography) for attempting to make us look normal. lol
Fat Brat (Classic Rock) 7/28/12

Dan, you are a wonderful inspiration to the young and old in our community! This is a wonderful opportunity for our children to show off their talent and prove that they have talent. Very nice of you to have so much faith in them all. I look forward to seeing the future photographers weekly and I am honored to be the parent of your first future photographer. Thanks Mary
Mary K. V. 7/10/12

Paulie Battaglia (ELI) 6/21/12

Thank you for the beautiful pics 🙂 You did an excellent job
Carrie Engler Mazur (Envy Band) June 10th 2012

Wow nice pictures Dan.
Leo Gastle (Freelace Drummer) 6/3/12

“Thanks for Shooting my surprise 50th birthday. You took a photo of my Mom and Dad at the party. Since last year’s party they have pasted, the photo you took will be cherished not only by me, but the generations to come.”
Lorrie S. Cheektowaga, NY. 3/30/12

Thank you ever so much for the pics. You know I always think the world of, and speak highly to others about your body of work and your talent as a photographer. It is an art like music and it is great that we are both able to enjoy doing something we love.
Mark Valentino (HnR, ELI)  3/1/12

You are one incredible photographer! I enjoy looking through your photos weekly, continue the awesome work!  Mary K Ventura-Tirohn 2/17/12

Just a sample of some good reasons to hire a Hitman! Thanks to Daniel J. Ruggiero for the pics!”
Breakaway Band Buffalo NY.  1/16/12

Wow Dan, it may be the black and white, but these are exceptional photos. What I mean to say is you always take stellar pictures, but you were on last night; it takes a lot to make us look good.
Scott Panfil (Breakaway) 1/14/12

“Closing up 2011, it’s past time we said thank you to the people who sponsor us…And Daniel J. Ruggiero. The pictures that he authorized us to use on our posters and website display the passion he has for his craft, and his exceptional eye for detail, and he is destined to be the guy who catches the pic of that vein in Schill’s forehead blowing up during Thunderstruck. If you are arranging a wedding or an event that needs photography, check him out! Thank you all for a great 2011!”
Breakaway 12/18/11

That is one gorgeous shot. Great Job
Mark Valentino (HitnRun) 11/27/11

These are the kind of pictures that make me glad I’m alive! absolutely stunning, Dan!
Mary Flintjer 11/27/11

Thanks so much – will have a look – we don’t tell you enough how much we appreciate all you do for us -TTYL –
Breakaway 10/3/11

Nice bands shots all around. You capture the action and the lighting. I am sure we all appreciate the work you do. Thanks.
Dave Burt, (Passion Works) 8/9/11

Amazing pics Dan!!! You are so talented!!! I look forward to working with you in the future!!!
Erin H. 3/25/11

Dan I love what you are doing with your site . I am in aww with your pics. You do such a great job and make people see the beauty in it all. I love the effects . Keep up the awesome work .
Jeness Annunziata     3/23/11

“I’ve known Mr. Ruggiero for a few years now and have seen some of the best photography work in the area come from his mind and hands. Mostly I have become to know Dan in Buffalo’s music scene. Specifically, with the local bar, local live bands.

Having “tried “to take many pictures in that atmosphere, I know – it’s a very hard venue to shoot. Being that it is a dark, foggy, and fast moving surrounding. Dan has a knack for it. Clear as a bell, crisp, and clean. Every shot taken is better than the next.

I also know he follows high school basketball and football. High action and fast moving both sports are, you swear the play stands still long enough for him to take his picture and then continue on, not missing a beat.

He is one of the best photographers in the area in my book.”
Brandon Mathewson Angola, NY. 3/16/11

Very nice Dan. Love all your photos. Great job and good luck!!
Renee H. 3/11/11

These Comments Below are pre WNY Hitman While working at Buffalo.com:

Dan, Thanks for coming out on Fri night to shoot the band, it was a pleasant surprise. As always you did a fantastic job, pictures look great.
Ken Kolniak (Wide Right) 8/16/10

“Why thank you, sir…nicely done article, and we appreciate the kind words and photos. :)”
Mike Schill (Breakaway) 5/27/10

Also special thanks to our great friend from Buffalo.com, award winning photographer, Dan Ruggiero. Dan took shots for Buffalo.com
Mark Valentino (HitnRun) 4/6/10

“Dan , Is the Man!!”
Will Holton  2/1/10

This is awesome – Thanks so much!!
Bruce Decker (hitnrun) 5/13/09

Thanks to Dan of Buffalo.com for stopping out and taking some shots at OLBS:
Mark Valentino (HitnRun) 7/28/08

Thanks Dan for the kind comments for Hit N Run and our following. It was a pleasure to work with you. The shots on Buffalo.com turned out great. I had a number of people (who see the band) send me emails about the photos, even before I knew there were up. Anytime you want to come out to take shots, or just hang out with us, let me know and I will put you on a VIP list
Mark Valentino (HitnRun) 7/17/08


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  1. Al Hury

    Dan is One of the Few Photographers that has been able to catch the perfect shots of me performing behind my huge drum set! He Has Nailed The Challenge Many Time Over! I personally have appreciated being able to watch Dan set up his shots for his “Chasing Light & Motion” Album…His keen sense of vision, by knowing his equipment in order to capture his shot with the right timing, has produced magnificent pictures! Brilliant!


    September 6, 2015 at 4:55 PM

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