"Get Shot by a Pro"

The WNY Hitmans Thank You Page.

This page is for Acknowledging those that have been above and beyond a friend to the Hitman.

My Wife Diane for her being supportive of me and my pursuit to better myself in photography. With out her behind me out of sight of the limelight my job and Balancing home life would be impossible.

My Daughter Veronica in her web content administration role, along with some editing and downloading the cameras. Also my main “Go-Fer” with out complaint.

My Sons Nick and Geoff for Cheering me on with my work.

My Brother (Feels like he is) Ken Czworka of Ken Czworka Photos, who insist on dragging me alone to newer levels. A sounding board for good and bad Ideas and never holds them against me.

Mark Valentino of HitNRun, For insisting on using a washed up Photographer on HitnRun’s CD and believing in him. So much so that he introduced me to others for work too!

All the Members of ELI ( Tom Gariano, Phil Hudson, Mark Valentino, Mike Carroll, Rick Ryan, Paulie Battaglia, and Tony Dalfonso) for your wonderful words of encouragement.

Leeza Szpylman-Brown and Fat Brat, Leeza for the Prime Connections she hooks me up with and Fat Brat for naming me there Official Photographer.

A-List Band and Wide Right For hiring the Hitman and having a good time with them too.



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