"Get Shot by a Pro"

A to do list for your big day.

Some ideas for those that are engaged to be united, from the WNY Hitman, of WNY Hitman Photography.
PLAN, PLAN & did I say PLAN?
This will be one of your BIGGEST days of your life! Set your date, plan and set your budget. Make a list of what you need to get done. That date will come faster than you realize. Wouldn’t it be nice if things went smoothly for you?
On your list will need to have the following items so your day goes smoothly. but not limited to:

Decide approximately how many guest will attend your first day of us together. (But not the final Count. Just a ballpark amount)

A place, a location to have the ceremony at. (Will it accommodate your guest count?)

The Officiant, a Preacher, Rabbi, Justice of the peace.Together pick a reception site. Be it a hall, park, restaurant or even your own back yard. (No matter where you pick, it will be right for the two of you.)

Are you going to serve alcohol or not at this affair? (Does the reception site offer it or can you provide your own?)

Will there be entertainment? (Live band, DJ or just the radio.)

Will you have the need of flowers? (Where are they going to come from?)

Your Special Attire for this big event, be it the traditional Wedding Gown and Tuxedo’s. Or maybe you have something uniquely special that is just you in mind.

Lastly (Here is where I or another pro comes in.) The Photographer.

This is just a simple list that you can start with. You can add more details to your list of things that need to be added for your special day.

This basic list all have one thing in common. You ask what? You need to book these items and services well before the special day arrives. (Months some times a year ahead.) I do also suggest that you interview more than one of each. (This way you will be able to pick the best place, service and items that best suit’s the two of you.)

I might also suggest that price not be the sole criteria for your choices. Do the best you can to stay in your budget however. What ever you choose to do, it will be YOUR best DAY TO REMEMBER for the rest of your life.

At this time on behalf of WNY Hitman Photography, CONGRADULATIONS on your upcoming nuptials. All the best to you and yours for a long and happy life together. May it be filled with happiness, great memories to be made together and smiles.

Daniel J Ruggiero is WNY Hitman Photography. For inquiries for bookings you can contact me on Facebook, Daniel@wnyhitman.com or call me at 716-491-3159 or even by using the contact form below.


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