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Will Holton Buffalo’s Gem.

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Will Holton CD Release at the Tralf.

Buffalo’s Overlooked Musical Treasure Will Holton.

Did you know that we here in Western New York have a special musical treasure?  He is a phenomenal artist at his craft. He has broadened my musical horizons by introducing me to the sounds of the Following artist:

Joseph Wooten, Joey Diggs, Jamie Highsmith Jr. and Jonathan Reed at A soulful Christmas Affair at the Tralf in December of 2008. At his Soulful Spring affair he introduced me to Jon B. in April of 2009. In December of 2009 I met and heard the song styling’s of Joey Diggs again and Nikki Hicks. In April of 2010 he insured my musical education with the performers Johnal, Drea, and Dana Lewis. The Man mostly Responsible you ask is Will Holton! I’ll say it again Will Holton, did you hear me? Will Holton!

It seems Will is more a known act on a national level than here by us in general. Will traverses the United States With stops In Los Angeles, Detroit and Chicago to name a few. I tell you to take notice of this saxophonist extraordinaire while he keeps coming home and booking shows at the Tralf and Blush. You will not be disappointed in his performances. Will Blends Jazz, R&B and Soul into a wonderful sound of pure listening delight.

I have come to know of  Will by pure accident, because in 2008 I was between my usual High School football and Basketball work. This is traditionally my temporary down time for me while working for Buffalo.com as a Photographer. I answered our weekly possible events list to cover. I saw Will Holton’s name on it and the fact it was at the Tralf. (I always wanted to go into the building and hear a show there, because I heard the sound quality is outstanding.) I got the event and went to cover it to get our patented smile for the camera shots. I figured I’d get my shots and get out of Dodge so to speak. (You need to know up to this point in my life I am not a fan of the Saxophone. I am an Ex-Trumpet and Tuba player)

Up goes the Curtain and the first act I notice is a Singer Joey Diggs, everything said about the Sound at the Tralf is true! Finally the Main act comes out Will Holton and his Sax playing so beautifully and it distracts me from my job of getting the smile for the camera shots. Right from the first note I become hooked on the sax, but not just any sax player it has to be Will Holton playing the sax.  You know the scene in the cartoon “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” where the Grinch is moved to be good? That is the same epiphany I had when Will stepped out and played that night.

I have had the pleasure to cover Will Holton for Buffalo.com since2008 and have become friends with him too! With every show I cover he gets smoother and smoother each time he and his sax are like a fine Scotch, smooth baby!

Next week September 25th I will be “In the Will Zone” again and will be introduced to two other artists Alex Bugnon and the two time Grammy Nominated Najee at the Tralf. Lessons I look forward to learning, however more looking forward to hearing my Friend Will Holton. I suggest you get on down and find your smooth side like I have. You will not be disappointed.

This was a blog that I had written for buffalo.com and felt it needed to be re-posted on this page. FYI Najee and Alex has a new fan. Thanks again WILL!

Will Holton’s Testimonial


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