"Get Shot by a Pro"

Will Holton CD Recorded Live at the Tralf!

Will Holton Performing 12.3.11 at the Tralf.

To see the photos Click on the blue highlighted “Will Holton”.

Will Holton CD Recorded Live at the Tralf!

Will Holton Preformed music from his second CD “Deuce” and recorded his live show at the Tralf in Buffalo, NY on Dec. 3rd 2011. A great night that included many fans (Sold out I might add), and entertainers that made the night a dream for the audience. The list of performers included; Will Holton helped by Daniel Powell on Drums, Rod Bonner on keys, Jamie Holka on Guitar and RiShon Odel slammin on bass. Will had guess performers also with Tifani, Kissena and Roc “the Writer” on vocals. Then the crowd was given a dose of Niagara Falls own Bruce Wojick of Strictly Hip on Guitar as he and Will did a number they Co authored together. Which the crowd responded with great enthusiasm and thunderous applause.


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