"Get Shot by a Pro"

Young Talent Showcase.

Wny Hitman Photography is putting the spot light on “Future Photographers”.

How does one get show cased on this page? The Future Photographer has to be a high school or collage aged student. Next, you have to use my camera for the photos to be considered. Your Name and grade will be used on this site. Your Pictures you capture have to meet standards to get highlighted on this page. They have to be good to outstanding quality images. I am the judge of the talent. So if this interests you. Contact me here.

First Future Photographer is… 

Shannon Elzabeth of Lancaster, NY

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One response

  1. Dan, you are a wonderful inspiration to the young and old in our community! This is a wonderful opportunity for our children to show off their talent and prove that they have talent. Very nice of you to have so much faith in them all. I look forward to seeing the future photographers weekly and I am honored to be the parent of your first future photographer. Thanks Mary


    July 10, 2012 at 9:14 AM

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